Ice cream and yogurt!


One of the first things I wanted to try as soon as I got to Japan was Haagen-dazs’s special edition Rose and Sakura (cherry blossom) ice creams! Here is their official website: click

Haagen-dazs Japan is under completely different management than in other countries and releases a lot more different and seasonal flavors for the Japanese market, and the flavor is better in my opinion! The first one I tried was rose since that’s one of my favorite flavors! It did not disappoint me.


They added lots of fruity elements to round out the perfumey nature of rose and keep it from becoming too overwhelming. I checked the ingredient list and it included lemon and cherry juice, and raspberry and plum puree, yum! The top of the ice cream was covered in a liquid sauce but I was too excited to eat it and forgot to take a picture.

The next night I tried the sakura version!


It was really good but more mild than the rose. Traditionally cherry leaves are used to wrap mochi and it has a particular flowery plus salty flavor which they referenced here, but also added some light perfume and fruitiness. I preferred the rose since it’s a more in your face flavor.

Here is that tasty sauce on top.


I really love Japanese yogurt! Somehow it’s much more delicious than American kinds which have a chalky or bitter aspect to them. I tried this yogurt called Satine.


It’s made by Pierre Herme, famous in Japan for his/their brand of macarons! So of course I had to try it. The texture was very interesting – foamy and frothy – and it contained little bits of passion fruit, orange, and mango. I really liked it!



4 thoughts on “Ice cream and yogurt!

  1. Lol had you even unpacked before you tucked in?! I’ve gotten a little addicted to the Sakura one myself…but soon it will stop and I’ll be lost!
    Welcome back!x

  2. Charlie

    Omg Pierre Hermé yoghurt?! When I lived in France there was Pierre Hermé muesli with rose petals and raspberries that cost an absolute bomb, but I never saw yoghurt!

    (Also mmm rose ice cream…)

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