Tenshi no Carbonara (Angel’s Carbonara)


There is a pasta place near Izzy’s office called Pasto Dio that specializes in 生パスタ or fresh pasta. One of their main draws is their crazy 天使のカルボナーラ (Angel’s Carbonara). So what is so angelic about it? It’s just topped with mounds and mounds of cheese! Five kinds of cheese – mascarpone, mozzarella, parmesan, pecorino, and grana padano! Cheese is such a precious commodity in Japan that I gladly paid 950 yen for the glorious cheesiness ❤


I paid extra for the optional pesto sauce which was good because all that cheese got really intense. You have to really like cheese to be able to finish all of it. I was kind of down for the count at the end of the bowl and let Izzy finish it off for me! The flavors were really good though, and the mascarpone was nice and refreshing to go to when the other cheese flavors were too much.


Izzy got their normal pasta, meat sauce and mozzarella. This one was not very good at all, the sauce tasted like they opened a can of tomato soup and called it tomato sauce, bah


So if you should ever find yourself in Akasaka and wanting pasta, go here but only get the Angel’s Carbonara – the other stuff seems weak! You can also upsize the amount of pasta if you are super hungry and like to live on the wild side. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: This restaurant is now CLOSED. Baww goodbye cheesy mounds ;_;


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