Just Hair Thangz


I would like to talk about my recent haircut(s) and the drama that ensued.

If you remember, my hair was pretty long.


Except for a few times in my life, my hair has always been long, especially in my childhood, so I do feel reluctant to cut it since it’s a part of my identity. But I really think short hair is cute so I wanted to try it! Except cutting my hair makes me really nervous, so I let my hair grow for about a year while I debated what to do with it. I also wanted to cut my hair to look more professional since I was going to be searching for a job in Japan.

Most people go to the hair salon and feel relaxed and wonderful while they get their hair washed and cut, and bounce out of the salon looking like a movie star, right? That never happens to me. I’m always super nervous and tense, worried what’s going to happen and how much small talk I should be making, plus I have to take my glasses off so I can never clearly see what my hair is becoming – it’s too much stress! I guess it’s because I would always trim my hair at home so my actual trips to a salon have been very few.

Well, I decided to get it cut shoulder length the day before I left. BIG MISTAKE. I hated the way it came out, it was like a weird 90s Jennifer Aniston gross thing with two different levels of hair length and a strange one inch wide strip of side bangs. I hated it so much I only have this one picture from the plane (bangs are pinned back).


You really can’t see much of the haircut here, but you can see the two levels of awkwardness. Anyway, I decided to get my hair recut in Japan, and to remove all length disparity I went for a bob. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but I think my hair is pretty hard to work with because it’s so think and frizzy. I’m much happier now.

Pic from haircut day, it’ll never be that smooth again!


Left to dry naturally:


I went to a job fair and tried really hard to make it look smooth like the first day. I’m also wearing my “professional” glasses.


I went to an interview on Tuesday and played the business role again. Very serious. On the way back from the interview I stopped at a park with lots of ume (plum blossoms) in full bloom! I actually like them better than cherry trees because of their wonderful smell so I was glad to see some before they’re gone.


So that’s the hair story! It’s been interesting to figure out new ways of styling and dealing with short hair. It’s definitely colder in the neck area so I’ve been wanting to wear scarves more than usual! I don’t think I’ll maintain it this short because it’s a bit more work this way and I don’t think I can go through with another drama hairfest anytime soon.

Thanks for reading! I’m sorry these entries are pretty mundane, I just haven’t really done anything fashion related recently but I will this weekend! Bye bye!


8 thoughts on “Just Hair Thangz

  1. Short hair is definitely higher maintenance than long hair. Especially if you go even shorter like mine is. It simply defies gravity in the morning. Yours looks really chic, I think it’s worth the effort.

  2. spikenmolly

    Your hair is adorable short! I even like it naturally dried… has a sort of mori thing to it. But you’re adorable either way. 😉

  3. It looks really cute! I definitely like your current cut better than the one on the plane. It makes such a big difference who you go to for a haircut. I am really picky and always do a lot of research when I move so that I can find a good salon and a good person. Once I find them I keep going to them.

    I find that really short hair is less work than long hair, but mid-length hair like bobs are a the most work. That’s why I am so reluctant to grow out my hair again and face the in-between stage.

    • I’m kind of getting into a routine with it so it isn’t so bad for everyday, but getting it to look sleek and businesslike is still a challenge. I still want to see you with long hair though! I’ll be waiting muahaha

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