Pining for the Sakura (Part 2)


In the week following the meetup from Part 1, the weather was kind of unstable but I was able to get a few nice pictures of the cherry trees in full bloom. These were all taken in my neighborhood.

I call these droopy sakura – they bloom earlier than the others and are more pink. The official name is “weeping cherry” (shidarezakura/しだれ桜).


Here are some nice views around the area


There’s a park on top where I sat on a bench and ate an onigiri for a little while as the blossoms fell.


This is at Tokyo Midtown. It got really cold as the sun went down!


So… then we attempted hanami meetup #2 and it rained again! Stupid troll weather! All the rain succeeded in melting the remaining blossoms and kind of ruined any more hanami from then on out, grrr.

Everyone planned to meet at Marui Annex for the KERA snap so I went as well. I kind of don’t want to do KERA snaps anymore, just because I’ve been in many already and I don’t really want to be rejected! And now there are a lot more foreign lolitas competing for the precious few spaces that they give for us and everyone is bringing their A-game. Well anyway, I figured that since everyone else was doing it, I’d do the snap too, if only for the photo they give you afterwards.

There were so many foreign lolitas there! I think because it was cherry blossom season there were lots of people on vacation. I’d say there were about 20 of us there.

After the snap we just kind of did the regular Tokyo bumming around activities – went to get food, took some pics, went to closet child, took purikura, ate some more… yep.

Here’s my outfit! My fashion theme was “Rose Garden Outing”. I’m wearing that wig again! The dress is Millefleurs, cape from Excentrique, bonnet from Victorian Maiden, bolero you can’t see is Innocent World and the rest is offbrand.


We did purikura and I was in such a rush to choose a background (it counts down about 10 seconds) that I picked a gross clashing one, durr. And then because I had my glasses off I couldn’t really see what my pose looked like so this is kind of a puri fail. So I covered it with cats!


Look Me!

So I did not really get a nice hanami session in this year which was pretty sad, but at least I got to see some trees in bloom. I also had lots of fun at the hanami alternative meets so there’s that! Thank you for reading!


8 thoughts on “Pining for the Sakura (Part 2)

  1. “droopy sakura” I love that name! xD
    Too bad the weather was trolling you and your friends. :/
    You rock floral prints! ❤ (and I love that crazy cats background.)

    • Thank you Julie! Japanese weather is pretty rainy – no one tells you that before you get here – so it’s not unusual for it to rain during sakura week but it just happened to rain on both weekends, grrr

  2. I really liked your pics of cherry blossom in Tokyo, sad is over already for another year! Wow you look so different with the wig minus glasses! Your puri fail is great! Fingers crossed you can still enjoy some pleasant bbqs and picnics this spring/summer!x

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