Guilty Gets


I bought some stuff I shouldn’t have, now I will share it with you!

On Tuesday I went to the Closet Child in Harajuku because there was tons of Mary Magdalene uploaded to the blog and I like going to visit (and sometimes try on things) even if I don’t buy anything. I’m at the upper end of sizing for VM and MM so it’s always a good reference for me to try things on because their cuts are so often recycled.

There were about 6 or 7 MM dresses which is pretty rare! MM is fairly hard to find at Closet Child. I tried on 3 dresses – 2 fit terribly but one was just right! I had the shop girl hold it for a while and went up to the gothic floor where I found this:


What is it? A Triple Fortune nun headdress! I couldn’t believe my luck! I am the proud owner of a Meta nun dress and was looking for something like this to top it off for a while. So in love ❤

I feel like a GoT character in this


And stock photo


It’s so ridiculous I don’t imagine I can wear it much but I had to buy it. It had a “stain” so the price was pretty reasonable. The internet says it’s from 2007.

Anddd so, I already broke the seal by buying that, so I thought I’d get the dress I wanted as well. Gotta sell something in its place now! It’s Mary Magdalene’s Irena Fleur Dress in Navy (looks black in some lighting).



It came with the tags still on! And my favorite part – shirring! An MM dress that might actually be comfortable? I hope so!


I’m looking forward to the weekend and meeting friends. I’ve been feeling a little down lately for a variety of reasons so maybe it will help to get out of the house and be around humans.

Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “Guilty Gets

  1. Do not guilty gets exist? I don’t know if I have experienced any! What a beautiful dress, and it’s great that it fits so nicely. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with using the nun veil. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! We’ll surely have a nice time and get you cheered up 😊

  2. I love that dress, i wanted it in the same colorway but i alwa
    ys memorize which ones have shirring because there’s no way i’d fit in one that is unshirred. They end up never being confortable anyway since i stretch all the shirring. haha
    I love the headdress too, its so ridiculously over the top but i love everything triple fortune so its expected. I say great haul!

    • I do the same thing! I know all the dresses with shirring! But yeah, especially with VM the shirring is a joke and usually made so that the dress isn’t baggy on tiny lolitas, not the other way around.
      I like to collect Triple Fortune items when I can find them! They usually sell out of Closet Child immediately.

  3. What an incredibly pretty dress! I like MM dresses a lot, but it´s sadly true they´re hard to find. But I think Closet Child is always good for a surprise. The headdress looks also very good on you. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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