Nun Crepes!


One of my lolita friends had a small birthday party at a French creperie in Harajuku! The place is called La Fee Delice and it’s on one of the back streets of Harajuku known as cat street – you may have heard of it, it’s where all the quirky specialty shops are. The restaurant itself was also quirky and cute. Here’s a link to their page in Japanese and a review in English. I thought since it was the day before Easter (and because I was dying to wear my recently acquired nun headdress) I should dress in nun lolita!

The restaurant was really cutely decorated.




This is a pic of the interior (photo source).


Izzy came along so we decided to get one savory crepe and one sweet and then share them. He got the lunch special which is a ham, egg and cheese crepe with a side salad and I got banana caramel. It was really good because the caramel was a bit salty and had a nice deep flavor, yum! I also got a lavender milk tea because I love lavender. It was really delicious but should’ve been called lavender milk because there was no tea in there that I could taste!


And finally here is my outfit for the day! It was pretty hard to wear and very attention grabbing so I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it on normal days – just for special occasions and maybe just in Harajuku.

The dress and bag are Meta, headdress from Triple Fortune, socks IW, necklace is antique, and shoes are Bodyline. I really thought this outfit needed the old school punch that RHS give so luckily my friend who is the same shoe size let me borrow hers! It was also hard to pose in this outfit. I had to take a lot more pictures than normal to get a good one. My standard kawaii girl poses looked too silly and the best ones were serious and somewhat flat. It was a learning experience!


Thanks for reading! The next day I went to get my Lolita Fashion Book signed by Misako so I’ll be posting about that next!


6 thoughts on “Nun Crepes!

  1. So, another try, logging in with G+.
    I was saying the creperie looks like one you could find in Paris near Montparnasse (where the 1st Brittons, “masters of crepes”, settled in the 19th century).
    I love your nun outfit, it’s pretty hard to wear on a daily basis indeed, but your totally rock that outfit!

  2. I like how colorful and vibrant that place is and it seems reasonably priced so I wouldn’t mind visiting.
    I am glad to see you having fun, its one of my biggest fears about moving (not that I go out much where I am now but… I dunno).
    I love that outfit on you, I understand about the ott ness of it but everything seems so ott to me anyway, I very rarely wear actual casual because I do not think I pull that off THAT well so I tend to just wear leggings and a T when I was to go out and feel confortable. I love every isolated element of that outfit and together they look amazing. I see what you mean about not knowing how to pose in it too, hats are love but are hard to pull off at times.
    A hug from your Portuguese friend,

    • Yes it was a nice place and in a very good location! Harajuku is great for shopping but I never find restaurants there that I like.
      Luckily I have lolita to help introduce me to people anywhere I live! In fact my only friends in Tokyo are lolitas. I haven’t really put any effort into meeting other foreigners and making friends with Japanese people is very difficult :/
      Thank you so much Jo! I hope to receive that hug in person the next time I see you!!

  3. Ahh serious/gothic poses are so difficult! I fail at them so I still smile.

    I am starving on a train here and your pancake pics make my tummy rumble more 😦

    • I rarely wear gothic so it’s a brand new world! I usually smile anyway as soon as anyone points a camera at me as a defense mechanism for unflattering candid shots of me mid-sentence with my mouth open XD

      Mmm I’m hungry now too!

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