Misako’s Book Signing


Last month I picked up a copy of Misako’s Lolita Fashion Book. I heard that she would be doing a book signing in LaForet on April 20th from 3-5pm so I decided to try to get my copy signed.


Now I know from experience that any event that is free and remotely interesting at LaForet will be packed with people so I expected to be there for a long time. I arrived “early” at 2:50 and there were already dozens of people there in two lines that snaked up the stairs! I didn’t know which line to stand in so I just picked one. After a while I found out that one line was for people with number tickets and one line was for those without. Apparently, Misako had posted on her blog that people could come and get numbers the day before to wait in line for the book signing. I missed this memo, wop wop. So I got to the end of the “people without numbers” line and waited there.

I was at the end of the line with one more person behind me until about 3:10 when one of the staff members announced that no more people could enter the line! I thought it would be open until 5 but I guess then Misako would be signing books until 7? Note to self – always get in line to wait much earlier than you expect.

Sooo we were standing in line forever because all the people who had numbers had to go through first (maybe 100 people?) and my legs were getting tired. Eventually at 4, some staff member had a brilliant idea to give all of us losers without numbers a new set of numbers so we could leave the line. She told us to come back at 5. So yay, but shit, I did not really want to devote over 2 hours just to getting this book signed, sigh. It was nice to finally be able to walk around though, so I wasted time by going to Closet Child and then grabbing a snack.

I got back to the line about 4:50, then waited maybe another 30 minutes to finally get my book signed. At the front of the line I learned  you could get your book signed for free, but if you wanted to take a picture with Misako, you had to buy something from Maison de Julietta (that lolita dress-up place). That made me really annoyed. Fuck you I’m not going to pay money to take a goddamn photo after waiting here for 2.5 hours! I looked at the shop anyway to see if there was anything I wanted but it was mostly sweets jewelry and nothing I could use. They had some overpriced classicy stuff but it looked like it was from Claire’s – stuff like elastic fake pearl bracelets with plastic cameos for 2000 yen. They also had a notebook that looked like the kind Japanese kids use in school and you can get at the 100 yen shop but with Misako’s face on it for 640 yen. I decided that 640 was too expensive for a photo and I always look like a gross beast when I’m next to Misako anyway.

I was a terrible foreigner and took a picture anyway. Misako did look very cute that day.


So finally yay, I got my book signed! I don’t know what genius decided that Misako should use a red pen on a pink background, herp.


The waiting was also not as bad as it could’ve been because the person behind me in line actually talked to me which is very unusual in Japan! She liked lolita fashion but didn’t want to wear it. She said it feels weird like a costume and that she thinks she’s too old for it, which I totally understand so we talked about that for a while. I was wearing otome which she liked and said I was cute ;3;

I was going for a mature or adult Alice in Wonderland kind of theme with accessories that reminded me of the story. The dress is Jane Marple (I wear it a lot!), cardigan is Innocent World, bag is from the Q-pot mook and the accessories are indie brand and JM again. I look super tired again because I forgot to take a photo until I got home.



In the end it was nice to get my book signed but if I had known it would have taken 2.5 hours I probably wouldn’t have done it! Thank you for reading!


4 thoughts on “Misako’s Book Signing

  1. Oh dear, that really was a long wait. It’s good you made a friend in the queue though! I can’t quite make out Misako’s drawing- is it a girl in a bonnet? I thought Humpty Dumpty at first haha. Love your outfit, especially the subtle theme.

  2. I don’t get why you have to pay to have your photo taken with Misako as you bought her book anyway! :/
    “and I always look like a gross beast when I’m next to Misako anyway” <= I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. xD I had my photo taken with Misako a few years ago when she were a guest at a Bssb tea party in Paris and it made me feel terrible…

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