I’m thinking of translating a page or two of Misako’s new Lolita fashion book – vote for the one you’d like to see most!

1. Lolita fashion roots – historical fashion
2. Letter from Takemoto Novala (thoughts on lolita history)
3. Seasonal and special event fashion tips
4. About Lolita culture
5. Lolita fashion history (from 1980s)

Or if you have the book already you can tell me something not listed here!


5 thoughts on “Translation?

  1. It’s so kind of you to do a translation! No.5 would be the most interesting for me, I love reading articles about the beginning of lolita fashion and I don’t know if I’ve heard much about the 1980s yet. No.4 also sounds like a good one, since people like to debate about whether lolita is a subculture or not (I say it is!!). Did you enjoy the book overall?

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