Party at Laduree


I haven’t been able to post much because I’ve been very busy lately trying to get a job and also preparing for my friend who is visiting! I can’t wait to do fun Tokyo stuff with her!

For another friend’s birthday we went to Laduree in Ginza. Tokyo is lucky to have many Laduree shop locations, including two with restaurants. The Ginza location is in Mitsukoshi department store and is decorated in ornate, Rococo style ❤ Here is a link – the Ginza location is first on the page.

Everyone was dressed impeccably! I really loved everyone’s outfits that day. We were able to get a whole section of the restaurant to ourselves which was nice. The meal was a set and consisted of~

So elegant nuts!


Cute rolls and butter!


Sauteed pork! It was really salty and yummy! It kind of reminded me of ginger pork that’s really popular in Japan. The green stuff is mushy peas – I haven’t eaten that since I lived in England! It always seems weird to me to have pre-mashed peas but I guess you could say the same thing about mashed potatoes.


Then for dessert you had a choice of tea and two macarons! They had like 30 teas so it was really hard to pick one! I eventually went with the Laduree blend since I liked the description. It was very nice! I chose a strawberry guimauve macaron – it had a different kind of crispy texture with sugar on the outside and tasted a little too strongly like American candy, but I still enjoyed it. The inside was marshmallow – I guess that’s the guimauve part. The other macaron was chocolate bergamot – the bergamot was super strong and citrusy – I loved it! None of us at the table were sure if bergamot was an herb or a fruit so we googled it. It’s a citrus fruit but it’s pretty inedible as a fruit so it’s just used as a flavoring.


I don’t usually do selfies because I’m kind of shy about having a close up of my face, but I liked the way this came out and the wall behind. The Rococo lyf!!


Now it’s bragging time – I was quite proud of the accessory I made for the birthday girl! She likes mermaids and has several undersea themed dresses so I made this to go with them.


We then went outside to take some photos but Ginza isn’t all that cute, so we did outfit shots on the street. BIG MISTAKE. It was a feeding frenzy of tourists and locals snapping photos, yikes!

I really like the colors of this dress but I’m on the fence about keeping it since I don’t have much to match it. We’ll see. JSK is Victorian Maiden, bolero is Innocent World, and the accessories are from indie brand markets. The rest is from generic stores in Japan. I love the grapes so much!



Thanks for reading! I felt so elegant having tea at Laduree that day, it was nice to relive it!


6 thoughts on “Party at Laduree

  1. I liked the butter balls and you made an interesting choice with your macarons. I always choose boring ones because I don’t like to take a risk with a small expensive treat >.< The chocolate bergamot sounds so good! I think I'll try it next time. I love the accessory you made for S, it looked perfect on her amazing wig.

    • I like trying the weird ones! Although it is hard to resist the standards so that’s why I bought some to go 😀

      I’m glad it came out ok! Sometimes it’s hard to know if everything will work out or if I would’ve had to scrap it and get an emergency gift.

  2. You all looked fabulous that day! I love your outfit, especially the grapes and headpiece. Its been too long since I went to Laduree now I want to go again soon!!! x

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