Baked Kit Kats


I’m a sucker for all the seasonal and weird snacks that come out in Japan – I just can’t help but want to try them! I heard about 焼きキットカット(grilled or baked Kit Kats) and knew that I needed some! Now one doesn’t simply toss their Kit Kats into a toaster oven; there is a special method to grilling them to get them just right. They made a whole website for it!


The packaging says that this is a special recipe made for toasting and DOES NOT recommend putting regular Kit Kats in the toaster. I had some pudding flavored Kit Kats and I also bought a bag of normal chocolate ones that could be toasted (it had a little toaster icon on the packaging).


I didn’t have a toaster at the time so I used the fish grill on my stove. Almost all Japanese houses have one. Izzy helped me with the precise positioning of the Kit Kats.


In they went! At first all that happened was that the chocolate started melting – we were worried that it was going to just turn into a melty puddle!


But eventually the tops started to get brown like in the picture.


The directions warned us not to leave them in too long or they would burn, but we wanted them a little more well done than this. Living on the edge!


And finished! The directions told us to let them cool but I wanted to scarf them down right away! So we stuck them in the freezer for a few minutes to help them harden a little.


Finally ready! Izzy and I had one of each flavor. It really made sense for the pudding ones since it had a toasty creme brulee effect, yum! The chocolate ones were also good toasted but didn’t really benefit as much. I thought it was a really fun idea! I’m not really sure if the crap about it being a unique recipe for toasting is true, but I think it would probably work with regular American Kit Kats as well.

I was wondering if they would ever release toasted Kit Kats for the American market but I think most people would think it was a waste of time and they’d probably sue if they got melted chocolate on themselves somehow anyway, so I don’t think they’d bother doing it.

Thank you for reading! Would toasted Kit Kats work in your country?


5 thoughts on “Baked Kit Kats

  1. Urgh… That sounds so… weird…
    When I was living in the UK deep fried Mars bars were the latest fad! Could never bring myself to try. I did have a Mars fondue once though & ended up liking it.
    That being said, the pudding ones do look intriguing.

    • Oh they have something similar in the US – deep fried Snickers bars – but I never tried that either, not because I didn’t want to but I just never found any.

      It wasn’t that weird tasting! It wasn’t that different from a normal Kit Kat.

  2. J was desperate to try these, he went and got them the day they were released! I thought it was a fun idea, but the pudding ones tasted a bit chalky to me once cooked. Have you been to the KitKat store in Tokyo yet? I meant to go last time I was there but didnt have time…theres a cafe too I think? England doesnt really get fun KitKat flavours, so doubt they will catch on there… I liked you step by step photos with the KitKats they came out just as on the poster! 😀 x

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