Babooshka Cafe


Hello again! A little while ago Sapphira and I went to go check out Babooshka Cafe in Shimokitazawa. It’s a Russian themed cafe, though mostly in decor, not on the menu. It’s run by the previous owner(?) of Sumire no Tenmado, a little bar and cafe for the music duo, Kokusyoku Sumire. It was sad to see Sumire no Tenmado close because there are so few lolita-friendly cafes, so I’m glad they made a new place!

The location is a little far off from Shimokitazawa station, unfortunately. We decided it would be a good idea to eat some lunch and then visit Babooshka for dessert. There’s a curry restaurant by the station called Tenmaya that sells curry-pan (a fried doughnut filled with curry, nom!) and we wanted to try their lunch items. They had a few different kinds of curries for lunch like butter chicken which I almost got, but I really liked the look of the “European style curry plate” so I got that. Oh so European! It also came with a salad and a mini samosa.


It wasn’t amazingly great but a good value. I’d like to try that butter chicken next time! After that we shopped around and went to Grand Bazaar and some other local shops. We stopped in a pet store for a second and I saw this pitiful thing.



We started to feel ready for desserts so we made our way to Babooshka. It was super cute! Apparently it was a retro cafe for years beforehand and the new owner kept the same feel. She also added all kinds of cool antiques and Russian artifacts and loads of things to look at and buy. There were also some Showa Era Japanese antiques for extra flavor. I was too shy to ask if I could take pics inside… Here’s their little entrance sign.


We were the only ones there so we sat at a big table. There were lots of cakes on the menu to choose from – I went with the dessert set which was a cake and a drink. I picked the pure honey cake and iced tea. It was delicious! It came with cute decorative cookies.


Sapphira looks very cute in Russian style babooshkas but I unfortunately do not. I tried (-.-) I looked at Russian fairy tales for inspiration for my outfit, but maybe it came out a bit too pirate wenchy with the underbust vest. I wore a Russian painted brooch, presumably depicting a fairy tale? Or maybe it’s Saint Peter or something? I got the blouse from goodwill, vest is BPN, babooshka is a scarf which Sapphira kindly lent me, skirt, socks, bag and shoes are IW.



We also took some purikura! The machine was really ridiculous with a “milk” theme that made everything creamy white which I thought was funny so I went with that theme.



Thank you for reading! The cafe was really nice and I would go again. The food was good but you really go there for the atmosphere in my opinion. I hope they do well! While we were eating some other customers came in so that’s a good sign. If you have the opportunity please go there and support them!



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