Foodie Strike Outs


When you’re this deep in the wacky food game, you’re bound to run into some misses. Here are three of my not-so-tasty Japan food adventures. All of these are from earlier in the summer so they probably aren’t being offered anymore (sorry!).

First is a collaboration between Morinaga Caramel and Pizza Hut. Morinaga put together a really comprehensive campaign with a bunch of companies, including Kurakura Sushi – they did caramel banana sushi (yum, would try) and caramel corn mayo sushi (EW GROSS STILL WOULD TRY)

One of the collaboration items I really wanted to try was with Hanamaru Udon – they had fried udon sticks with caramel sauce – but alas, I never did.

So back to the Pizza Hut thing, they did a dessert pizza with marshmallows, caramel, and almonds. It looked amazing.

It even looked good when I ordered it.

But taste-wise, I hated it. The pizza base was cold and hard, and the colored marshmallows were all fruity and tasted weird with the caramel. I had another friend who ordered it and loved it, so maybe I just got a poor example of its kind.

The next food challenge was a collaboration between Mister Donut and MOS Burger, when combined become MOSDO! MOS Burger is a Japanese burger chain and they really play up the ~Japaneezu~ aspect with rice burgers and a fake healthy image (and expensive tiny burgers). Mister Donut is the most prevalent doughnut chain in Japan for those of you who may not know. Anyway, when their powers combine you get… this!

That’s a spicy choriso sandwich on a French cruller. Why not a hamburger? The world may never know. There’s also that berry chocolate one in the back but that’s not very weird.

So I was expecting a proper “Mister Donut” style French cruller, but they decided a non-glazed cruller would be more fitting. The effect was more of a super squishy bun than a doughnut so that was rather sad. Also the spicy sausage and sauce weren’t very good anyway so it was kind of a pointless sandwich.


The last one was at Lotteria – French fries with Ghana chocolate sauce. Lotteria is a hamburger chain owned by the Korean company Lotte, who also make Ghana chocolate (among a ton of other stuff), so they can easily offer something wacky like this. I don’t usually see this kind of flavor mixing in Japan but dunking my fries in my milkshake or ice cream is something I regularly enjoy in America, so I was eager to try it. Here’s a site with some better photos than what I could get.

I had high hopes for this one since Ghana chocolate in bar form is really good. However, this sauce wasn’t very chocolatey at all, it tasted more like thin caramel-chocolate goo. There’s nothing sadder when one is promised chocolate to receive something so undeserving of the title.

Thank you for reading! I always fall for these silly limited time only food gimmicks! I’m sure I’ll be posting more food fails in the future.



10 thoughts on “Foodie Strike Outs

  1. Oh God, I’m getting heartburn just looking at those pics.
    The mos burger one looks so bad. I like their healthy image (and the tiny rice bun burgers) so collaboration with a donut brand doesn’t make sense to me.
    Also re: the pizza, they obviously added the marshmallows on cold, since they’re not puffed up. There were so many possibilities for crisped/s’mores type marshmallows here but adding cold mallows onto a cold pizza base doesn’t sound good. It should have been all cooked together imo to merge the flavours better.
    Please keep trying things like this as it really satiates my curiosity.

    • Yeah the mos one was awful. I guess ~weird~ trumps healthy for marketing potential.

      I know! Why wouldn’t they melt the marshmallows? Isn’t that the point? grrrr

      I’ll keep trying them! I can’t resist hahaha

  2. What a pity the food wasn´t good. On the pictures it looks quite. I had a similar experience in Tokyo with a “Monkey Cocoa”. The package looked great and I ecpected something like banana milk cocoa but iit was really thin milk with heavy sweet banana and chocolate syrup which both tasted very artificial :p Well, trial and error 😉

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