Queen of Hearts Crown Tutorial


Hi! It’s been a long time! I was asked how I made some items from a recent outfit so I thought I’d post some simple after-the-fact tutorials here.

The first one is the crown I made for my Valentine’s Queen of Hearts coordinate.


Here is what I used (click on the photos to enlarge):

1. Some Valentine’s Day craft hearts on wire that I found in the craft store. You could make your own with some kind of plastic hearts and floral wire.



2. A thickish gold colored wire. This one is made especially for craft projects so it’s kind of a plastic and wire mix.



3. A thin (0.3mm) gold wire to tie things together. Mine went crazy once it was freed from its package 😦



4. Pliers. A set of two is nice but you really just need the kind on the left, I think they are called long nose pliers. They also need to have the wire cutter portion.



To begin:

Use the thick gold wire to create a circular frame for the crown. I did just one loop around but you could do two for more stability. You will need to attach the crown to your head with pins so size isn’t very important.

You’ll use the thin gold wire to connect the ends of the thick gold wire. I used my pliers and squeezed the thick gold wire where I wanted to connect the ends to make a groove for the thin gold wire to fall into when I wrapped it.

Use a hearty amount of thin gold wire for wrapping and try to do it tightly. I then got the loose ends of wire and twisted them together and tried to tuck them around to hide them. As a final step, I squeezed everything with my pliers.


I’m sure there’s a prettier way of doing it!

So now you have a circlet of gold wire to build on. My valentines hearts had 3 different sizes but I decided to just alternate the bigger and smaller hearts. Since they already had wire attached it was very easy to do. Keep in mind the distance between everything and make sure you have picked a center point.

I cut the valentines hearts from their “stems” with the wire cutter portion of the pliers, leaving on some of the wire tail for wrapping.






Final step, just give everything a good smush with the pliers.


And that’s it! Repeat until you feel like you have enough stuff on your crown.


This would work with anything – stuff already mounted on wires would be best to save your fingers though.

I also had the idea that it might have been cool to add ivy or another dark green leaf to the base of the crown since red and green look so nice together. Maybe next time!

Thank you for reading!!


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