I don’t buy very much these days, always trying to save cash for my bills. Plus the weak yen is making it more and more expensive to pay off my student loans in dollars back home ;_; What I mostly buy are work clothes which are really boring and usually gotten from Uniqlo.

But recently I bought a small amount of fun stuff I’d like to share!

First up are the lolita/otome related buys!

I bought this Jane Marple necklace because I have the matching dress. I think. More details below.


I like the jewelry in this series because they remind me of “bottle keeps“, Japanglish for a bottle tag for a bottle kept in your name in a local bar. I just learned now this is not a real phrase in English…


And I also have to matching bracelet… or is it??


When I put them together on the dress, the necklace seems to match but it’s a darker navy blue, but the color of the bracelet is much lighter. So what series goes with what? I don’t mind the color difference but it’s just puzzling.


Next up was a very cheap (1800 yen) no brand bonnet from Closet Child. It seemed like a good base that I could spruce up with more roses or something so I bought it.



It’s totally black inside but my camera likes working hard and making fake colors appear.

Next are the normal clothes! I bought everything here in Harajuku on or near Takeshita Street.

Shitty shirt for 1000 yen. It fits a bit weird but it’s ok.



Summery set from Ehka Sopo. They’re kind of a morigirl brand that evolved a bit to stay relevant. I really love this outfit and want to wear it all summer! It was on sale but still a little pricey for the two pieces. I’m not really a gingham person but it was just the right type I like.



Next up is a sweater! It’s so dumb to buy a sweater in June but I admired this silly thing in winter and now it was reduced to 1900 yen so I had to get it. That whale is the best.



Love that grumpy whale face!

Until next time!


6 thoughts on “I’M WHALE

  1. Joana

    ahaha the whale shirt is so random it must be the best thing ever and I love that jane marple hum… “set”? I love the color and its just interesting visually and omg that bonnet!

  2. That skirt is really cute! And I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with the bonnet. I guess the JM bracelet is from a different series, but I don’t know what! Anyway it still goes together nicely.

  3. The whale! The other clothes are cute too (in particular the mori girlish ones), but the whale definitely wins! I want it too, but I don’t think I’ll find it when I’ll come to Japan at the start of semptember.

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