One Yukata Two Ways


Hello! This summer was super gross and brutal, I hardly wore lolita at all! But I did dress up in wafuku a couple of times!

There is a vendor that goes to the corner of Harajuku where LaForet is and sells cheap kimono and wafuku on weekends. His stock is pretty bad quality, stains and moth holes and stuff, but it’s very cheap so if you don’t mind that. I got most of my main pieces from there, and also some smaller items at Chicago, a used clothing store with a couple of locations in Harajuku.

The yukata I bought is an all over print of very tiny tsubaki (camelia). I liked the darker colors and the retro feel and it was only 1000 yen ❤ More modern yukata are typically black, pink, purple, and blue-type cooler and pastel shades so I went for something a bit different!

The first outing was a Taisho-era themed day with friends! We went to the Yayoi and Takehisa Yumeji Museums and then for cafe snacks afterwards! You can read more about the museum and what we saw here at my friend’s blog!

I really think mixing Western style clothing and accessories with vintage wafuku is a super cute look! I’ve always wanted to wear hakama – this was my first time and I loved it! They make walking around so much more comfortable and less restrictive than a yukata tube.

The final look I settled on reminds me a lot of if Anne of Green Gables came to Japan for a visit.


We had a lot of fun making goofy poses together!




The next time I tried wearing the yukata traditionally, but with a lots of different textures and a cat theme!



Wearing wafuku was very fun but I still sweated a ton! I think I’ll try it again when it gets a bit cooler.

Thank you for reading!

7 thoughts on “One Yukata Two Ways

  1. I love love love both styles. I tried getting into wafuku this year too I really love hime kimono style but the rules and dressing and seasonality overwhelmed me and I gave up learning. I hope I can pick it up again in the future.

    • It seems like something that is a bit hard to do outside Japan without looking nutty, but maybe you’ll find opportunities at Japan related events or museum exhibits. I still know very little and there’s just a mountain of things to learn! It’s not like taking risks in lolita, a relatively new thing – you could potentially really offend someone wearing kimono wrong so it’s pretty intimidating!

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