Q-pot Cafe Halloween Version!


Last Sunday I went to check out the Halloween special items at the Q-pot cafe!

Everything is best at Halloween! Q-pot is a themed cafe, and as a general rule I avoid themed cafes because they are only good for atmosphere the first time but the food is usually terrible. Q-pot food is ok, but it’s pretty expensive for what you get. However, I saw some cute pics online and I was sucked in again!

Q-pot is pretty busy during October, especially weekends, so if you go, go early because they can run out of themed cute stuff as the day goes by.

Here’s the cafe from the outside.



The menu! GET HYPE


I decided to order the two main Halloween items – Poison Spider Soda and Halloween set plate with “Coffin Cake”.

The poison soda had a floating chocolate spider! He was the best part.



The flavor of the soda itself was green apple and mint. While it made a nice bright green color, those two flavors combined were kind of medicinal and gross imo. Maybe that’s the point?

Onto the dessert plate! My favorite thing was the berry sherbet in the cup with the bat cookie. The macaron was pumpkin flavored and pretty good. The coffin cake had some “cheesecake” flavored mousse inside. That’s in quotes because it’s Japanese cheesecake which means yogurt flavored. It was meh for me.


It was still very fun! Would eat again!

After that we went over to where a GLB snap was being held! I was not dressed lolita at all so I’m pretty sure I won’t get in, but it was quite pleasant because it was held at Jardin de Luseine, a nice restaurant with air conditioning.

It was hot that day so I wore something summery. Goodbye summer, you won’t be missed! I forgot to get a pic that day so here is a really bad photo of everything 😡 I call it country otome!


I have many more exciting Halloween events coming this month! I hope I can keep up with blogging! Thank you for reading! ❤

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