Nina’s Marie Antoinette Tea Set


I would like to tell you about an interesting afternoon tea set I had last weekend. Some friends arranged a little tea party and I tagged along!

It was sponsored(?) by Nina’s Marie Antoinette Tea, a French brand of rose-scented tea, and held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel at Roppongi Hills. The tea is meant to be served on the terrace at the French Kitchen Bar but it was rainy that day so we ate inside. The website says this tea set will be available until November but I wouldn’t trust that. Reservations recommended though they might not be so busy on a rainy day.

The price listed is 2800 yen, 3200 yen if you add rosé wine. Not a bad price for this kind of thing! The total price of the normal tea came to about 3500 yen with tax and tip.

When you enter you get a look at the cute menu. They wouldn’t let us take it home ;_;


The restaurant is quirky! It had big bronze statues of mushrooms, a frog and this snail!


The worst part is waiting patiently.


I don’t have a whole lot of photos from the day. Here are some shots of everything together.


A shot of my friend’s allergy-friendly plate.


Now time for review! The savory items (there were 4) were DELICIOUS. That much delicious. I loved them all. The scones were awful. They were hard and tasted like margarine and way too overcooked so they were closer to cookies in texture than scones. Someone fucked up there.

The desserts were of varying quality so I’ll talk about them separately. I liked the special Marie Antoinette cake that they brought around on a separate cake dish. It was very old worldy tasting, almost like a fruit cake or Christmas pudding, with lots of dried fruit inside and spices. I could see how some people might not like it but I enjoyed it.

There was a strawberry macaron (not macaroon, please Grand Hyatt, your menu is paining me) which was really good. The marshmallows were strawberry flavored, I think, but they tasted like chemicals and lipstick, pretty bad. The strawberry short cake was good, though generic. At this point I was kind of done with strawberries to be honest. The cake of the day was mango mousse and was not good either. My friend said it tasted like shrimp. It was like they took the funky rotting tropical fruit flavor only from the mangoes and mixed it with cake. Mmm tropical funk shrimp cake~

For drinks, you could only have the Nina’s tea, which makes sense I guess, and they would only give you hot water refills, not fresh tea. I found this a little stingy, especially because even getting the guy to bring more hot water was a chore.

Service was ok, the guy was slow with some things, but they were very accommodating to my friend with allergies. All staff seem to speak English. So my overall impression of the service is about neutral.

Again I was sad there was almost no chocolate, save for the chips nestled in the scone-cookie-rock, but that’s my personal issue. I think it was a good value in general, but I wouldn’t go again just because of the scone travesty.

And finally, my outfit of the day! I bought a new otome dress recently from Leur Getter so I wanted to wear it! I really love vintage illustrations so this dress was perfect to me. The flowers look like hydrangea from far away but I believe they are violets.


THIS JUST IN: Vintage clip art located! They totally just lifted this shit and spruced it up in Photoshop, wow.


Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a kawaii rainy season! 😛