Peach Fiesta!


It’s March and in Japan that means… peaches! Well, not really, more like peach blossoms. Actual peaches don’t fruit until the summer, so I’m not exactly sure why all this peach flavored stuff is coming out now, but it’s great for me as a peach lover! I suppose peach flavor is just cute and refreshing and reminds people of spring.

I decided to do a taste test of three different peach drinks! None of them are 100% juice so they are more like peach-ades.


Let’s go from left to right. Tropicana (owned by Kirin in Japan) makes Sparkling Time, limited edition carbonated peach drink. It has 12% juice and is 48 calories per 100ml. I pay attention to the total calories so I can tell how sweet the drink is or if there’s any evil fake sugars lurking! Japanese food labels aren’t quite as clear as American ones in showing exactly how much sugar content something has.


Compared to the other two drinks, the label looks a little more aimed at adults and accordingly the flavor is more mature. When I first opened it, the carbonation was really strong and almost sharp, but after it sat in the fridge for a few days it mellowed out and tasted much better. I’d give this a 5/10 when first opened, 7/10 after some of the carbonation left.

Next is the natchan! ふんわり白桃 (funwari hakutou, literally “fluffy white peach” but more like “soft and gentle white peach”). Natchan comes in a lot of different flavors and is produced by Suntory. This one has 10% juice and is 45 calories per 100ml. The label says it’s made with pure water and no preservatives or artificial colors.


I really loved this one! It has no bitterness that peach flavored things can have – it’s just sweet and peachy! I would give it a 9/10 – the only thing I didn’t like about it was that it tasted slightly like candy. Maybe it would’ve been better if they made it a little less sweet.

Next up is the Qoo わくわくピーチ (wakuwaku pi-chi, “fun and exciting peach”). Qoo is another series of fruit drinks made by Minute Maid, which is owned by Coca Cola in Japan. It has 20% juice and 40 calories per 100ml. It also has added vitamin C. This one too says it has no artificial colors or preservatives.


As you can tell by the packaging, this one is very much aimed at children. The flavor too was a little too childish – they went hard on the peach candy flavors so it tastes pretty artificial. There is also a bitterness in the aftertaste which might be due to the added vitamin C, not sure. I give this one 5/10. It’s drinkable but I wouldn’t get it again.

So all in all my favorite peach drink so far is the second one – natchan! I think it’s funny that my favorite had the lowest percentage of actual juice in it, hah! Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a nice spring ❤